Thursday, October 11, 2012

Lamitta Frangieh "I Haven't Been Raped On Camera"

Lebanese model turned actress Lamitta Frangieh is the gal most Egyptian producers and directors call on if they wanted a girl to bear it all, a girl that can tell raunchy jokes, play with the boys and look good in a bikini.  For Lamitta Frangieh, it's all business and all is for a paycheck. Nothing is wrong with that. For most Arab viewers, she has no standards as she seems to do more roles without her clothes than with.

But in one interview for Al-Ain newspaper, the model has shared with her criteria. "I have yet to appear in a role where I get raped," "Most of my roles have been light and humor filled" "If I do film a rape scene, then I have boundaries I won't cross," "at the end, I am a girl form the East"

She added, "those scenes have to be part of the plot and not feel forced" Lamitta's latest movie is a romantic comedy about Facebook about an Egyptian man who lives in Jordan and gets in trouble due to the social network site. The film will be dreicted by Jordanian American director Mohy Qandoor

النجمة اللبنانية لاميتا فرنجيه في مشهد ساخن ومثير

P.S. Rape is a serious issue and I do not take it lightly. I just think the comments were insensitive. 

Hamaki Getting Clever About Fighting Internet Piracy

Hamaki's album was fun and dance inducing, but it was not earth shattering. An average pop album for a star we like. But he realized, some of the songs needed to be improved, thus, he is re-releasing the album with new musical arrangements. He had to do a focus group over the title song, which he changed last minute as he talked it over with his team.

I like Hamaki and I liked his 2011 album too, but his old stuff might have been better. Or to be accurate  he just has one style and keeps changing the lyrics. This demo music and club mixes is his thing, but he is hardly the only one. Now internet pirates who upload the album on the net for everyone to share are no volunteers, they make serious money each time anyone downloads the album.

Hamaki released a new album, with a new track and new arrangements  he has also included a pass for few of his concerts. Anyone who purchases the album can attend some of his concerts. Now if people buy the album and do not get in those concerts, Hamaki is in trouble and the model will fail. He might have started something new, but for it to work, he has to keep his promise.

حماقي يمنع سرقة أغاني ألبومه الجديد

Do Songstresses Really Like To Dance On Stage?

Watching a clip from Iraqi singer Shatha Hassoun concert in Beirut, I could not help but see how she is trying to force the dance to get along with the song--a cover song beloved by the Lebanese audience. Some other stars in Arabia does not dance---I name Elissa, Diana Haddad, Amal Maher, Latifa...and few others.

And there are those who would not stop dancing, Nancy Ajram for starter, Myriam Fares is another. Haifa wins the gold. Now in this biz you cannot take yourself seriously if you want to appeal to a broader fan base. If you want to sing, you better learn how to dance, this is no longer the 40s when people had no TVs.

I do not recall Shatha Hassoun being known for her dance moves--she was a really good singer, but the rule at her cannot be the star of a party singing songs asking people to dance, when you yourself do not shake something something. Granted a lot of women enjoy dancing and excel at it, but some women do it for different reasons.

Guy entertainer cannot really fake a dance, you can either dance or just get out of the way. Pop music is all about the movement on the stage. People want to see a show, not just a guy with a microphone who is standing idle.

 يابا لا - شذى حسون - حفل بيروت 2012 - Shatha Hassoun

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

سامى يوسف - تبعوه لما عرفوا Video: Sami Yusuf "It's A Game"

Muslims Rocker Sami Yusef is back with force and I am so happy to see him walk into the spotlight again with a song worthy of this talented musician. This time he is back with a song about the prophet and the film they made about him. Sami is a very sober voice among many Muslims.

His comeback song is animated this time, and offers plenty of martial for the young an old. Sami is looking cool even in cartoonish look. It seems he has found his zen to challenge his vocals one more time and produce such a lovely song in at least three languages. In under two hours, the song has already packed so many views online.

His advise, let them say what they's a game. The artist finally crafted a song that will reboot his career and bring him back to his earlier successes. This time he is teaching Muslims to be cool under pressure without sounding patronizing. Anger is not a strategy....

سامى يوسف - تبعوه لما عرفوا Sami Yusuf - It's a Game

Jad Rahme Is An Old School Man From The Old Country

Behind the publicity and the live shows, Jad Rahme is Lebanon’s next big voice.  He is already being compared to some of the worlds biggest international Arabic stars and now is ready to show the world what Lebanon knows already~ His talent is undeniable. This Montreal based Lebanese singer is the go to star if you want to fire up your party attendees. Jad's music packs so much of the old world flavors, it's uncanny who he managed to preserve the Lebanese style so well.

Jad has toured and performed in countless clubs, restaurants, private, special events, festivals and celebrations within every major city in North America.  He is now looking forward to be touring at an international level. When asked why his new single is called Ana Rijal(which, in Arabic means “I'm a man”), he had this to say, “I want every man out there to listen to my song, sing along and feel proud to be a real man, not because of what he owns, but because of who he is.”

Now, this is something I can stand behind, men need to man up and stop trying to be so girly in pursuit of popularity. Jad found a good subject to sing about and bring a little bit of joy in the lives of those who get to listen to his songs. And yes you will most likely want to dance, women like a man who is confident and who brings something to the relationship that they do not already have. No female will even want a guy who cries more than she does.

After receiving enthusiastic reviews online, the recording is gaining international attention. Ana Rijal is available on iTunes, Amazon mp3, Emusic, Rhapsody and  Soundcloud. “I'm pumped to be releasing new music”, says Jad.  As an independent artist, Jad is currently considering offers with record labels. Ana Rijal has been his break through hit.  The song itself is “not only is it catchy, it's melody addictive. It's entwined with an old-school beat, making it a modern mix of that traditional “dabke” we all love so much!”

“The whole process has been amazing and I hope that this new track will please my fans.”  Jad was happy to receive such great feedback from fans and friends through his Facebook page before releasing the hard copy. The page has been flooded with encouraging comments and congratulations from many established musicians and artists such as George Dfouni and Koko Balkorkian.

Jad recorded the vocals for Ana Rijal in Toronto, Ontario with world famous composer/producer/singer Salah Kurdi, who is the artist responsible for the lyrics and music of the single.  Instrumentals were recorded in Studio Joe Baroutjian in Beirut and then the recording was returned to Toronto where Ali Ramadan mixed mastered it.

For a really love time, good Arabic singers have almost always came form the old country to the States for concerts  With Jad, I am feeling he might be the first North American grown singer to be able to go back to the motherland and stand his own ground musically.

Ana Rijal - Jad Rahme (Arabic, Lebanon) أنا رجال جاد رحمه - عربي لبنان

Jad Choueiri Directs Diana Haddad's Next Video

The hip and bold music video director Jad Choueiri is taking up a new challenge. His assignment is to make traditional conservative Lebanese singer and mother of two cute girls Diana Haddad look hot. Together they filmed the music video in Beirut and in London.

Diana Haddad has those natural looks, she is non threatening and most people tend to like her. She has never gotten herself in a side fight or a controversy. This is why it's so surprising to hear the news about her next music video for a new single will be directed by none by bad boy Jad Choueiri. Jad seems to really have wanted the gig and Diana needed a fresh take as her last music videos have failed to bring her in a good light.

To her credit, Diana said, she went to the guy for his recent work, not the bold music videos he directed in 2004 to 2008. The guy seems to want to get creative without all that over the top sexy themes. The good news, the lyrcis for the new song "My heart is Loyal" has been written by the lyricists who seems never to make a bad a song, Faris Iskander.  

Diana Haddad Ya 3aibo

Elissa Gets The Indian Treatment

Musicians steal--borrow from one another and hope not to be noticed. When they get caught, they say they are paying homage to another artist. Fine. Elissa had a song six years ago that sounded fresh. A romantic song Bastanak, which she filmed into a music video. I have found the song has been remixed or remade into an Indian song. It's not uncommon for Indians to rip off some Arabic music and vice verse--though Turkish music seems to be more popular with the Arabic musicians 

It seems that Hamid El Shari has put this video together.

اغنية اليسا - بستناك - بالهندي -توزيع حميد الشاعري

Elissa - Bastanak / إليسا - بستناك

Arab Men Now Seek Plastic Surgeries For Themselves

You have heard the rumors that men seek to make their wives more gorgeous than the next guy's so the put them under the knife in pursuit of perfection. Nip Tuck is also a popular procedure in places like Lebanon--a pioneer country in anything freaky. But the City of Dubai the one upper is refusing to let go and claiming something for themselves in the plastic business.

Dubai is the capital of fun in its part of the world, it's the place like Vegas of sort. But now they have entered the plastic and cosmetic surgery business with force. Only to find out that most of their clients now are actually men seeking to look younger and maybe with a smaller nose and more hair.

Foreigners are flocking Dubai along with locals seeking the thrill of surgeries. A local newpaper has reported that 68 K person have visited with a plastic surgeon. 15 k of those 68 k are visits by locals who have actually gong under the knife. The city has appointed a commissioner to promote this business for tourism. The report have interviewed a little girl who wanted her ears smaller, and another lady who wanted to add fat to her face.

تزايد إقبال الرجال على عمليات التجميل في الإمارات

Ehab Tawfik Allegedly Threatens Bodily Harm To A Store Owner

Egyptian 90s pop star is not having a good year, and this story if true indicates that he has finally hit rock bottom.  A local Cairo fashion store owner reported to the police that Egyptian singer Ehab Tawfik has threatened him and sated that he will harm that individual.

Ahmed Abdallah Said, a store owner in Al Agooza bosh Cairo pocket claims the star has purchased clothes form his store. Then the pop star attempted to return the clothes and get a refund. The store owner declined, an argument broke out which allegedly caused Ehab to lose his cool.

The incident is being investigated. The story has been reported in Al-Ahram, a reputable newspaper.

If this story is true, once again we find out that stars are just like us, they get pissed off if they are unable to return merchandise the you longer care for. This is a bad news for both the store owner--who will lose some of his more affluent customers out of fear. And it's bad for the star as it shows him as a erratic and violent individual.

Ehab had a concert in Virginia here few weeks ago, maybe he should have hit the mall in Georgetown while he was in town.

Ehab Tawfik - Tetraga Fia / إيهاب توفيق - تترجى فيا

Video: Nariman Mansour Is The Egypt's Iron Woman

Nariman Mansour might as well be a super hero. At the time of crisis in her country, she and her team manged to make a sci-fi filled music video with Iron Man Suit and an amazing Aerial shot of Cairo. I like the outfits and styles she chose to sport.

This is most certainly a dance track for people who like Red Bull. I love the mastering and the computer affect on the track, but I had to say it I am not sure if this is her natural vice or some computer affects, but in both cases, she might need more vocal coaching.

Nariman Mansour - Bab'a Btabe'ty / ناريمان منصور - ببقى بطبيعتي

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Saad Ramadan In A Red Ferrari @ BAU!!

Saad Ramadan was invited to do a concert in Tripoli in Lebanon. the concert was disguised as an award for the young singer's career. That means he did not get a big paycheck, just an award. He drove to the even tin a Red Ferrari and entered the stage where he sang, collected his ward, then sat in the cafe to take pictures with the young fans--girls and boys alike.

As why does he need a Ferrari--other than looking cool and insecure I do not understand. It's unclear weather he owns the car. The event took place in Beirut Arab University – L'Université Arabe de Beyrouth - BAU. His young career means he has a long way to learn how to attract positive attention for himself.  

Saad has not released any new songs in a more than year now, he says he is working on a big surprise songs that will make us happy. To be clear, I like the fancy car, but a celebrity driving one and taking pictures of his ride reminds me of those broke rappers who like to flash whatever cash they have.

Saad Ramadan - Nawila - ناويلا

Egypt, A 100 Days Of President Morsi Rule Song

Here's an effective song that showcases all the issues the Egyptian president has to confront. Very expensive cooking gas, car fuel is pricey, tomatoes is very expensive, Mango is cheap. Chicken is something most Egyptians can no longer afford.  Trash everywhere, terrorism and the Sinai peninsula. The Minister of interior is still the same, and democracy is no where to be seen. The song is the fruit of many young people's collaborating to evaluate the presidents' performance in his 100 days.

This is a fun song for the poor man, but it really states a large number of issues that he has to address and resolve. The song also flirts with the revolution and the change. I like this song it does not cross the line, they speak to Morsi like a peer--they do not do that often in most countries where dictators rule. There are so many challenges President Morsi has to address. I like the bit about social justice, and freedom in exchange for his rule.

I think people have to relax a little bit and give him a chance. You cannot invent an economy form thin air, and you cannot change the people. It's never a good idea to protest whenever we are feeling upset. Being disruptive is not even approved in most civilized nations.

‫اغنية كشف حساب للدكتور محمد مرسي‬‎

Divorced Sherine The Blues Ladies Found Her Blues

Sherine got divorced really out of the blue--she seemed to have a happy marriage with two children. But then it all ended. She seems to have moved on as she takes part of the Arab version "The Voice". Some of her older songs were really sad. A sad song from a women whose dignity is everything for her. She refuses to take a backseat. I feel she might be taken a page from another Egyptian diva with a sad personal life--Angham.

She got the voice to do pretty much any song from the happy and catchy pop song that blazes one's summer. To the sad song about separation, she delivers sober and mellow songs straight from the heart. She is one of the most successful female voices commercially and artistically.

She did transition from the girl who wants to dance--first three hits of hers into the serious singer whose fans come from all over Arabia. She did well and has enriched Arabic with her songs and her concerts. Not so much her interviews though, but she is a likable entertainer and wish her well.  

وحدة بوحدة - شيرين 2012

Music At ISNA Annual Convention

The Islamic Society of North America--the ones they say weather it's Eid or not had a sold out convention in the heart of the Nation's capital. They brought the speakers who spoke about Islam and its role. they also spoke on challenges facing the community. Business also were there selling and promoting various merchandise of interest to the Muslim community--Dish and Hajj.

But they also included some entertainment by a performance of Native Deen, the local native rap band from DC who have a global name recognition. The band knows how to work a crowd and knows hoe to turn the blues into cheers.

Native Deen promoted their brand and sold their CDs, I think they were in their elements and I like their interviews with fans and convention goers. They did a great job reaching out to young Muslims and getting them excited about something they can relate to.


ام كلثوم - مقطع نادر من رباعيات الخيام حفلة المغرب

samara alsamara laktob wara warselk لاكتب ورق وارسلك

Ammar Hassan Sounds Different Every Time He Sings

"Martyr of Love" is a cliche for a title of a song, nevertheless the Palestinian super star Ammar Haasan has called his song just that. Ammar Hassan came from a small town in the West Bank and rose to fame as he took part of the Super Star singing competition. He did well and dazzled the fans in Arabia.

He even released an album many years ago, then he has gotten married and his concerts in both Palestine and Jordan are often well attended. He keeps his name out there be releasing singles. He has done well and has manged to keep his name circulating.

Now sure what to make of his latest song, other than saying it is passionate and it's good. He sounds like a Lebanese bro and he carries the song like a pro. This town of Qalqilia native is doing his fans a solid all over the map.
عمار حسن - أغنية شهيد الحب

Monday, October 8, 2012

Video: Baladeyat Band "The Mean Zionist" Odd Song

For me as a Palestinian, Zionists are no different than terrorists. They may have a good name now in some parts of the world, but they were never anything good for Palestine. They murdered people, imprisoned thousands, shot and injured hundreds of thousands, and terrorized otherwise peaceful people.

I once asked the Michael Oren the Israeli Ambassador in the United States (an event at Georgetown University  this question: "You are an American citizen from New Jersey, you gave that up to go and become an Israeli, even though you have a choice to live somewhere else, I do not have a choice to move from Palestine, how do you explain that?"

His response was this, "I am a Jewish person, for us Jews we need to be responsible. Going to Israeli is part of being a responsible Jew" So this is what one Zionist believes. Zionists live in a different universe than the rest of us and they love re-writing history. I am hardly an activist, but you do not need to be one to see that one it comes to Israeli mentality, injustice is all around.

So when I read about a new song that went viral, I am always up for it, but then I learn the song is titled "Mean Zionist", I was intrigued to give this song a listen. The band behind the song is known as "Baladeyat Band" It's an Egyptian band that goes by the the name which means Homies.

As for the song is about being sarcastic, the voice of an Israeli telling his side of the story, as it looks to many around the world. The song also speaks about Mubarak sweet gas deal, and that time when people looked like Tamer Hosny. This is like watching Saturday Night Live, it offers many zingers, loaded humor and random elements like Santa Clause.

This is an original, the music was adapted from the Ukrainian folklore.  song, Baladeyat Band works on a lot of Originals for us, we write, compose and arrange 95% of our songs. I am hoping this video won't be taken down anytime soon. As for musical style, the music video below reminds of one of my favorite odd American Bands "Bowling For Soup"  

بلديات Baladeyat band - "أنا صهيونى واطي" "Mean Zionist"

وتقول كلمات الأغنية:

أنا اسرائيلي سادي, باكل حدادي، واخطف أرواح ملايين
أصلي صهيوني واطي, ومش اعتباطي أحتل أنا فلسطين
هعمل مظلوم مجروح, واستر وشي المفضوح, بالإعلام والألبندات
زيّك زي المسيح, بإيدي دمه يسيح, وهحارب كل الديانات
فين أيام جمال وأبوه, كات(كانت)أيام تمام ياهو
خدنا الغاز بدون فاتورة والعرب شبه تمّورة
فين أيام, فين أيام المخلوع ياهو
مضيت معاهدات مع حبيبي سادات علشان أكسركم لسنين
لو هتسيبوني أعيش واّ كل عليكم عيش, دوركم جاي يا مصريين
فجأة أتهزت الدنيا هزة, فركة كعب يادوب من غزة
الأحرار شباب الثورة قاموا قبل سادس دورة
كانوا فايقين, شكلي تاني هشيل تلاته وسبعين
أنا اسرائيلي سادي, باكل حدادي, واخطف أرواح ملايين
أصلي صهيوني واطي, ومش اعتباطي احتل أنا فلسطين

The Media Loves To Pick On Menna Fadali

She is an Egyptian entertainer who seems to do nothing right according to the males in the media. She is only 30 years old, but Egyptian press loves to bash her. She is like their own version of Lindsey Lohan. Lately, she has been dubbed as Mena and Her Five Scandals. Let's get dirty, shall we?

  • Her birthday and the leaked photos of her having fun--she is not the first girl to have birthday party and things get out of control. She is no responsible for people with ill intentions who leaked those private photos.
  • She wears "Hot" clothes and has a tattoo? c'mon people! You mean to tell me all those Lebanese celebrities you celebrate in Egypt are all hookers? They bring them to Egypt for their hot clothes and their tats.
  • Again, leaked pictures of her wearing a bikini on the beach! Why are you not locking up the people who took those pictures? Do you want people taking pictures of your sister on the beach--even people not wearing bikinis get picked on.
  • She was assaulted while on a car with a famous dancer--she accused them of stealing her stuff and valuables. She accused people from the Sinai of doing that. This is stupid and I cannot defend that. If it was true, then she has every right to be pissed. This is hardly a scandal. Women go with guys all the time and it's legal.  
  • Supposedly her erratic behavior lead to her third breakup--we now know his family did not approve of her. She pledged to not fall in love again and focus on her work instead. 
So give Menna a break, she is hardly a saint, but can we see something good about her. I have also seen a number of comments describing Menna is a Palestinian--maybe she has a parent who is one. The term is used as an insult.

منة فضالى أغنية ان راح منك يا عين

Video: Hip Song, Cool Music Video Effects

Dude can sing and he seems to have made a song in the tradition of Amr Diab. The young and charismatic singer Bassem Abd El Wahab has released a music video for one of his catchy songs. I am loving the computer effects on his video. It's really exciting and has taken some serious work and talent. And yes, he posses a sense of style worthy of the finest rapper.

The song does not disappoint, I do like the nerdy looking model that appeared alongside Bassem. Some might have opinions about the FBI tee and the shades he is wearing. The song is pretty hot and it's not the summer yet. I think the electronic and funky music is something we do not hear much of in Arab pop, but it's making a comeback.

Bassem Abd El Wahab - Kalamy Annak / باسم عبد الوهاب - كلامي عنك

All My Arabs Song Salutes The UAE Leaders

The term Arab is loosely defined by so many people. For some it means the Bedouin, for others it's anyone who lives in those 21 Arab countries. Some even argue that anyone who speaks Arabic is Arab, but when it comes to music all bets are off.

Check out this song by the coolest pop singer from the Gulf namely the UAE, Hussein Al Jassmy. He has made Gulf music popular and has done that for at least 10 years now. While most Gulf based singers stopped catering for other markets than the ones at home, Hussein took the gold as he is a mega star in Morocco, Egypt, Lebanon and all the nation on the Gulf

So he did a suck up job for the ruler of Dubai--one of the best Arab leaders to walk on earth. He is a business guy and a real Arab which means he is generous. His people adore him and he gets respect anywhere he goes. As someone who grew up in Dubai, I have come to appreciate the leaders of that world class city.

The difference between this song and other songs made for other leaders--the singer did not have to do it and he was not paid a penny.

حسين الجسمي - كل العرب

Elissa Cancels Disorganized Turkey Concert

Lebanese songstress called of a plan to hold a concert in Turkey. She made that call once she has learned the planning for the concert and the promotes are so disorganized.

Some people are trying to make a big deal out of this, but via Twitter Elissa is telling people, she has no regrets and she made that decision to honor her fans who deserve great concerts. Some other ladies of pop are making a big deal out of this and spreading rumors that the concert did not sell.

I do not know much, but I respect Elissa for making that call, a concert has to be top notch, a disorganized appearance leaves a bad taste. She has apologized to her fans in Turkey and promised to be reunited with them soon.

elissa sa3at 2012 with lyrics

Best Middle East Act, Who Should Take Home The MTV Award?

Accorsing To MTV EMA 2012 award nominations, there are five different entertainers from the Middle East who are up for the Best Middle East Act. As a music blogger, I only know three of them and the rest I have no idea who they are. And I think this should be a warning sign for the organizers. 
  1. Ahmed Soultan, He Stands Behind A New Music Style He Calls Afrobian, For Afro-Arabian. He Comes From The Land Of Morocco Where He Has Taken Part Of Many Music Festivals And So Far He Has Released Two Albums To Date. If creativity is to win, Ahmed may be the winner of the night.
  2. K2rhym, A Tunisian Rapper (Karim Algharbi) Signed By EMI France To Make Music In 2006 When He Made The Switch From Professional Football.  He Is Based In Lebanon Where He Keeps A Busy Schedule. He Wins The Most Creative Name There Is. If interesting life and indie persona to win, K2rhm is it is.
  3. Karl Wolf, the Biggest Name On This List And More International Fame Than Middle Easter Fame. Canadian Lebanese R&B Singer. He makes good music and most recently he has done a duet with Sandy, who is on the same nomination. If international name recognition counts, he is the awardee.
  4. Qusai, Smooth Saudi Rapper with Great Songs In Both Arabic And English. Had A Big Hit Album Earlier This Year, And Does Fresh Music That Appeals To Arabs And Non-Arabs alike. He does make fresh raps and seems like a good role model. If CD sales where to vote, he might as well win.
  5. Sandy, The Biggest Celebrity On This List, A Pop Princess Known In Egypt And The Rest Of The Arab World, She Is Very Resourceful And Very Exciting To Man People In The Area. She Has At Least Three Albums To Her Name, And Has Generated Fame And Success In Concerts Mainly In Egypt. If YouTube video views can vote, Sandy will go home with the award. 

    ahmed soultan-ya salam

    Layla Mourad - Why did you make me love you? ليلى مراد ( ليه خلتنى احبك ) اغنيه حزينه من اروع اغانيها

    لما انت ناوي - محمد عبد الوهاب


    كلمات :محمد عبد المنعم " ابوبثينه "
    الحان : محمد عبدالوهاب
    لما انت ناوي تغيب على طول مش كنت آخر مره تقول
    بالليل اسيب نفسي لهمي ولأفكاري افضل افكر فيك وانت ما انت داري
    القى البعاد طول ، اولع ، وتزيد ناري لما انت ناوي
    أشوف خيالك في الوحدة جه قدامي اكلمك واسمع حسك واشكي غرامي
    واقوم اضمك ما القاش غير أوهامي لما انت ناوي
    ما القاش أنيس في الوحده دي غير الحاني اقول لنفسي ده مش ممكن راح يسلاني
    لازم يهزه الشوق لي يرجع تاني لما انت ناوي

    موسيقي عزيزه - محمدعبد الوهاب

    WaeL KfourY ..... وائل كفوري ... معقول تشتي بي أب

    وائل كفوري - ميت فيكي

    your place is here - Abdul Majeed Abdalla مكانك هنا 2 - عبدالمجيد عبدالله

    Your place is here - Abdul Majeed Abdalla مكانك هنا- عبدالمجيد عبدالله

    The Always Sad Mohammad Ramadan New Really Sad Song

    The alum of the TV show Star Academy Mohammad Ramadan seems to be happy doing sad songs. He has released about four singles so far and each of them tops the previous one in being sad and heartbreaking. Why would a young man who has a bright future be so sad is beyond me.

    No wait, it pays well. He has a promo out for his latest single which he recorded in the Lebanese dialect where most of his songs seem to fit naturally. Ramadan has many fans out there, they seem to enjoy his singing style and approve of his choices.

    Watch inside the recording studio teaser and entire song as well.

    مـحمد رمضــان - صعبــه - Mohammad Ramadan - Sa3beh

     قـريبا محمد رمضان - صعبة - Soon Mohammad Ramadan - Sa3bi

    Sunday, October 7, 2012

    Nancy Ajram And Ahmed Fahmy Join Arab Idol

    I did not think it was a good business decision for Nancy Ajram to join the panel of judges for the popular show Arab Idol. But regardless of what I think, it seems that Nancy Ajram wanted the gig, so she has singed the contract to be part of the show. We will see how this will play for Nancy Ajram--the smartest and most popular Arab songstress for the past decade. Ajram singed the contract on October 5th in her Beirut home.

    Other changes to the Arab Idol show is the new host or presenter. Egyptian singer turned actor Ahmed Fahmy has singed a contract to host the show. I love to see Ahmed take this role, he has an extensive resume, the good looks and the nice demeanor to make him a hit. Ahmed would be replacing the Kuwaiti actor Abdallah Tulehi. Model Anabella Hilal will return for the second season 

    Ragheb Alama, Ahlam and Hassan Al Shafei will remain judges and so will Arab Idol and broadcast worldwide on MBC 1, a Pan Arab television station. The first season aired in December 2011. 

    Grace Ashkar Will Not Sing Professionally, OK?

    Joe Ashkar has a lovely wife and a mother of his children. She sang live, she released a song or two, yet she continues to make the case that she will not be a professional singer. Even though she can carry a note in both Arabic and English, Grace has zero interest in singing.

    Grace Ashkar just performed live with Michael Fadel in a concert in Beirut, she also released a song late last year, but she maintains the song has a social message. She will continue doing such songs to promote various causes. She has also argued that doing two songs live with a musician friend was just a fun thing to do. So she will not be releasing any tracks anytime soon. It seems Joe and his wife are on agreement on this matter. So do not get excited.

    One comment, who really cares?

    Grace Ayanian in Michel Fadel Concert 3al Lebneneh in Beirut Holidays 2012

    WATCH: Sugar Pop And Oral Fixation Music Video

    I know guys are idiots, otherwise we won't have to see music video like the one below. Something about women and candy makes guys lose their minds. We had Maria start up the fad in 2005, but in 2010 another young lady used lollipops as props for her music video. Neither of those ladies is seven years old.

    Michaella is her name and there's about a mile between her and being called talented. That does not make her a bad person. Her song is about a guy who tells her buddies she is all over him and she is crazy about him. She has to put him on his place.

    Trouble, the dude looks like a turd bag and he seems older than Michaella. Not sure where the songstress career stands at the moment and it remains a mystery if she regrets this music video. One thing Michaella did here, she went for cute and not sexy. She has to be given credit for that at least.  

    Michaella - Aal Leshaboh / ميكايلا - قال لأصحابه

    Saturday, October 6, 2012

    Watch 80,000 Koreans Lose It To "Gangnam Style" Live

    South Korea is hardly known for its pop stars and cultural icons. But this Fall, it all changed when a littl known Korean pop singer PSY released his catchy "Ganagam Style", a song that went viral and traveled the world and back. The singer expressed his amazement of his new fame and his global hit.

    The song is about living it rich people style, but for reasons unknown the song caught fire and have transformed the career of PSY for a little known singer into a cultural icon across the globe. For all we know Aliens might be watching him too doing it Gangnam Style.

    To thank his fans, he half a concert where 80 million people turned out and the massive crowd seemed to go bunkers for their homeboy singer as he moved on the stage, backed by his dancers. What other star can turnd out 80 thousand concert goers?  

    PSY Gangnam Style, 싸이 강남 스타일 Seoul Concert for Fans. Seoul City Hall Korea

    Dance Away With Zen Master Yahia Sweis New Single

    Yahia Sweis is a passionate young man, but the father of the girl he loves can kick his butt. Yahia loves the girl from next door where their both houses are separated by a wall--he wants to tear down that wall. So Yahia makes a proposition  let me marry your daughter in accordance with the religious traditions off course.

    At least this is how his new single goes. Yahia is a spirited singer from Jordan, he did appear on Star Academy three years ago. I think he has a winner song here and it has the wild appeal to most Arabs. The beat will be welcome in Palestine, Jordan, Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon. The lyrics are dripping passion, Yahia looks the part. This is a song that will be welcomed by the young and the old. The young will like the upbeat style, the old will cheer the traditional style.    

    Yahia is well composed guy, a very quite personalty, and a student of Computer sciences. His song Karmal 'Ayonik will be a great calling card for concerts and othber parties. Great Job Yahia, you have made a great choice here.  

    - يحيى صويص -- كرمال عيونك - Yahia sweis -- kermal 3yonik 2012-. جديد

    News On Sick Arab Stars and Hospital Bills

    There are few Arab stars who lay in hospital beds at the moment

    1. Sha'aban Abdel Rahim was sick and smoking is to blame. And I am sure his weight and diet have something to do it it. The folksy "Sha'abi" style singer is no stranger to health scares and he is making a full recover. 
    2. George Wassouf have left his hospital in Sweden after staying day for few weeks in rehabilitation post his health scare. His fans are worried for this iconic Syrian singer, but in fairness we have almost lost him a year ago.
    3. Diana Karazon had trouble breathing, seeing and fatigue. The doctors concluded it's some issue you with her nose, she had a surgery and recovering just now. Once fully recovering, she will be touring the States for concerts. 
    4. The mighty legend of Lebanese song Wadie El Safy was submitted to a hospital for few days in his home Lebanon. A leaked picture of Wadei surfaced and he looks really good and I love him for it. I know Wadie loves those Syrian doctors, they are on the reasons he has a spacial place in his heart of Syria.   
    5. The legendary Egyptian composer Ammar El Sharie awaits government approval to get treatment on the government dime. Ammar has age issues and have suffered a health scare. Ammar helped shaped Egyptian music for the past 40 years, he is a talented composer.
    6. Al Mogy Jr., an Egyptian composer and the song of a legendary one with the same name has been caught in a exchange with the Artists guild who has not approved funding his treatment. He too needed medical attention.
    Aside note: Arab press knows no limits to privacy really. If an entertainer is in the hospital  they all need tom know why and certainly they want a picture--something not cool to do here.
    I love how Arab stars or some of them, make lots of money and try not to pay taxes. Then when they get sick, they ask the governments to pay their bill because they are somehow national treasures. 

    حماده هلال - هبدأ حياتى / Hamada Helal - Habdaa Hyaty

    Egypt loves this guy, he is an all around star. He sings about pretty much everything: life, love, youth, the past, Egypt, politics, kids and humor. He also has excelled in making great songs. He does not talk to the press much, but when he talks he often have something new to talk about, promote. Just like the seasoned talents out here in the States do.

    He is a devoted family guy, and a cool guy too. He made this movie about a boxer, it was so well made and the guy looked the part (he was ripped) This summer he went with a movie for kids, it made millions of Egyptian pounds. He has released two other songs from that movie and now comes the third one. A more serious song about the dark moment each of us goes through.

     حماده هلال - هبدأ حياتى / Hamada Helal - Habdaa Hyaty

    Video: The Coolest Arabic Music Video Animation ‫كليب جوني‬‎ - مترو | Jonny - Metro

    I like Egypt and I love public transportation, I wish I can say the same about the Metro, it seems to scary people off. But one indie Egyptian singer wanted to make the metro cool while singing about real issues with this overworked system.

    He made a cool animation--it's no Hollywood production, but it's still awesome to watch. It has some bright and Arab looking folks in animation. I happen to like the song and the subject it brings up. I love the virtual tour of the city that never sleeps.

    To find a place for my leg, I need to maneuver, and to find a place I need to start a revolution--the song goes. This about how a person feels taking the crowded metro for the first time. Johnny's song makes it look like a worth while adventure. 

     ‫كليب جوني‬‎ - مترو | Gony - Metro

    Omar Faruk Tekbilek - Your Love Is My Cure!


    Uploaded by  on May 24, 2009

    A masterpiece from the Album "Omar Faruk Tekbilek & Brian Keane - Beyond The Sky" (1992). Listen & Enjoy it.

    This is the instrumental version of a famous turkish folk song with following lyrics:

    "Odam kireç tutmuyor
    Kumunu katmayınca
    Sevda baştan gitmiyor
    Sarılıp yatmayınca
    Odam kireçtir benim
    Yüzüm güleçtir benim
    Soyunda gir koynuma
    Tenim ilaçtır benim
    Baba ben ölmüşmiyem
    Kürkümü geymişmiyem
    Ben sevdim eller aldı
    Niye ben ölmüşmiyem"

    Omar Faruk Tekbilek had been studying Sufism, the mystical branch of Islam, with the thought of becoming a Sufi cleric. At 15, he quit school to become a professional musician. "But I never quit studying, though," he maintains. "In fact, I am still studying; it's endless. Music for me is not something to show off. It's my life. It's the shortest path to God. Playing is prayer for me." He went to Istanbul and at the age of 17 met the Mevlevi Dervishes, the ancient Sufi order of Turkey. He did not join the order, but felt profoundly influenced by their mystical approach to sound and to the spirit. Another, almost equally mystical influence would soon appear, from an unlikely source. The young Tekbilek became friend with flute and saxophone player named Ismet Siral, who had some unusual ideas about music theory. "He would say things like, let's play for birds, let's play for pictures." OFT says about Burhan Tonguch, his rhythm teacher: "He put the idea in my mind that everything is a rhythmic instrument. And everyone is a percussionist. Without the strike, there is no sound."

    Despite, or perhaps because of, this unconventional outlook, Faruk's skills were much in demand in the studios of Istanbul, and in 1971, at the age of 20, made his first brief tour of the United States with a Turkish classical/folk ensemble. The Tree of Patience was about to put out an unexpected limb. "I try to play a song the way it's supposed to be," Faruk explains. "If I play an Arabic song, I use an Arabic style; if I play a Turkish song, I use a Turkish style."

    Faruk feels a strong affinity for Arabic music, which differs in several important ways from the Turkish tradition. As a child he spent a lot of time listening to Radio Kairo and became acquainted with the giant musicians of that time like Umm Kulthum, Abdul Wahab, Abdl Halim Hafez, Farid al-Atraš, Fairuz, Sabah Fakhri. Because he was playing the flute he was inspired by the melodies and the sound of ney (nay). He was also inspired by Sheikh Abdul Basit 'Abd us-Samad recitations of the holy Qur'an whom his father was listening a lot.

    Faruk pauses, considers, and then admits, "Sometimes I can't keep myself from making a bridge between them. I just try to listen to the song; it will tell me what it wants to be." The process of creating his own songs is similar: "There is no set formula or method", he says. "Each song comes out in a different way."

    Btw: The grandfather of Faruk's mother is originated from Egypt, so if you want Faruk is "Egyptian in 3rd generation". But much more he is Turkish. ;-)

    Omar Faruk Tekbilek - Sweet Trouble!

    Hamdy Batshan - حمدي باتشان - اية الأستوك دة

    Who Makes Better Music? Egypt Or Lebanon

    Egypt has always been there as the home of Arabic music, anyone who is anybody must make a stop in Egypt in order to be on the radar. Because most TV networks have traditionally been based there, Egypt is a huge market and they tend to have an industry going in there full time. To Egypt, entertainment is their black gold. A cash cow of sort that keeps many families afloat.

    But in the early 2000,  the power has started to shift, Lebanon has stabilized, and has been made the home of many TV networks and cool cafes. More and more Lebanese venture into music--movies are only coming from Egypt, but in music the Egyptian pop has been losing traction to generations of Lebanese stars who have returned home to make good music. The ones in Lebanon has also taken advantage of internet marketing, they no longer have to go to Egypt to be famous, they can have their own show on the internet and make money form home--in theory.

    Also Lebanon tends to be a lot more liberal than the entertainment industry in Egypt--less censorship and more investments form wealth business men from the Arab Gulf who seem to have bet their money in Lebanon. Combined with a zombie phase most Egyptian composers have gone under--they were not making hot records from 2002--to 2008. What was the last Amr Diab hit? In that phase Tamer Hosny has prospered and good hard working entertainers were left in the dark.

    But then again the Gulf started buying out all those big names, they would hire the top entertainers from Egypt and Lebanon, give their amazing lyrics--mostly poems and invite them to record the songs free of charge. Sometimes the Arab entertainer would make a bank from one hit song. The Gulf still buys music--they can afford to. And they tend to be more generous with their concerts and private events--no star would turn them down.

    Yes, Egypt has kept its place, they were down for few years, but starting 2010 and better songs are coming out from that country, better albums and bigger stars. Sure, the Arab Spring did not help, but everyone was done for a while. Egypt will always be there, it's a sure thing. They have an industry that's a 100 year old--no other Arab country come even close. Sure, some might hate the Egyptian dominance, but at ultimately, they are 90 million strong.

    I would put my money on Egypt any-day, but that does not mean that Lebanon cannot compete, in face I think competition is great for everyone. 

    الشيخ إمام... يا فلسطينية Sheikh Imam - Ya Falasteenya

    Friday, October 5, 2012

    The Rise Of Egyptian Nationalism Though Music

    Mohamed Mounir, the legendary singer who has been dubbed the voice of Egypt told a crowd of thousands of cheering fans at one of his concerts in Marina "I work as an Egyptian, it;s my full time job--join me" something to which the fans want wild. Dozens of songs have been made to promote brand Egypt and what it feels to be Egyptian.

    Most songs in the wake of the revolution have been celebrating the army and the people of Egypt. But ever since the attacks in Rafah and the military operation in the Sinai dessert, more and more Egyptian entertainers are adopting the nationalistic tone---we are first. This is something good of course, but it should not be accompanied by xenophobia.

    On that note, here's a new song a duet made by two dudes. One liberal guitar activist and one pop star who has done a song to promote the Muslim brotherhood brand during the election. Together they sing "I am Egyptian" They feature an athlete (Omar Al Ghazaly) competing on behalf of Egypt in the Olympics. I do not get the shoving of the white dude to protect a white girl. You do not really get to see the singers, only hear them.

    Mohamed Kelany - Ana Masry / محمد كيلاني و رامى عصام - أنا مصرى

    Laila Gofran 2012 Music Video Promo Surfaces

    Laila Gofran is not 20 years old anymore, I know of her when she was in her late 20s. I studied for High School listening to her covers of the great songs of Abdel Halim Hafiz. She did it right then, and since then she has not had the great success she is owed. A smart and a warm voice ought to have a place in the music scene with her two year old song

    This Moroccan lady who made a second home for herself and her family in Cairo--her own daughter was murdered in that town. She has been working on her latest album, and as you can see from the promo Laila looked younger than ever. Seriously, she looks like she has not aged and she is pushing on 50 now. Laila had a good single in 2009 about losing someone close to the heart. It became an instant hit because it felt coming form her deep soul.

    Gofran who just invested in an Egyptian restaurant in her home town in Morocco will be making a music comeback shortly. I hate for this talented songstress to become famous for being famous.  I think she should move to the Gulf for a year or two and try to reboot her career from there. The Gulf has always been welcoming to the ladies of Morocco who can sing.

    Clever boy Kareem Mohsen composed the music for the song, and the clip was filmed more than two years ago but due to production issues it has been delayed.

     tal 3'eabak | lila 3ofran | طال غيابك | ليلي غفران

    Good Arabic Sport Songs Vs. Really Terrible Ones

    I like spot songs, they are supposed to cheer you up, super charge you and make you want to punch the guy so bad--do not do that. Hamada Hilal had a good sport song few years ago. There are not too many of the sport songs in Arabic pop. Good ones anyway.

    Here's an example of a really bad sport song, that puts you to sleep, not wake you up. The song was made for a sport movie about a local soccer talent from Egypt who makes it big in the major league in Europe. The song that I do not like--noe even one bit is by the funky singer Abdel Fatah Girni, it's a terrible song for the movie--a good song for high schol graduation maybe, but not for sports.

    The same movie had a hit song that pumps the hell out of you up, the singer who voiced the song is Loai, the song about the homeland--a touching song that does what a good sport song supposed to do--excite you.

    The movie was a really good sport film, it does make you hope, believe, cry and cheer too. It was well filmed and that means they had to spend real money on it. It's romance, drama and sport all packed in one flick. The actors also took the film seriously, they were not trying to be cool, instead they just let the movie make them cool.
     طول الشمس بإيدك - عبد الفتاح جريني -

    Loai - Baladna / لؤى - بلدنا

    Secrets And Questions Journalists Can’t Ask One Direction

    First and for most, they are hot band and they have a reputation to protect. They are popular with the tween people of the world, among their most famous fan is Malia Obama. 
    The forbidden list:
    1. Who is your celebrity crush?
    2. Which of you have girlfriends?
    3. Who came up with the name One Direction?
    4. Anything "X Factor"-related
    5. Worst habits about each other
    6. Do you guys fight?
    7. Best prank someone pulled on you
    8. Describe each other in one word
    9. Funniest fan stories
    10. If not in the band, what would you be doing?
    11. Pre-show rituals
    12. No questions about money or religion

    We know about this list because one Canadian DJ Scott Rush, a morning-show co-host on Ottawa's the New Hot 88.9 FM, learned moments before he was about get 10 precious minutes on the phone with One Zayn Malik.

    Minutes prior to connecting Zayn with Rush, publicist was about to connect Rush she very casually, rattled off a list of "few things you're not allowed to ask." I think the list is lame and the band members are smart enough to be themselves they are no running for president, their fans love them to be who they are.

     Though I get the part where no questions about money or religion.

    And The Best 2012 Arabic Pop Album Goes To...

    Mahmoud El-Esseily is a pop star of a different kind, he does pop songs form the heart and he does not chase after what's popular like house music. He keeps it real and his lyrics speak about more than love and the ladies. In his album you will find different themes, friendship. loyalty, country and the love of his life. Today's pop stars do not seem to want a new challenge--they are happy making mediocre songs. Not this Esseily album. It stands out among the many 2012 albums.

    The album delivers many different songs that will have you singing along. The album does offer its listeners a free therapy where your can put all your frustrations aside and sing along with the artist as his songs and chorus sound so friendly to their ear and the soul. This is what distinguishes good pop form mediocre pop. The first lifts up your spirit.

    I did not expect this album to be this good, but I am glad it was. Mahmoud El-Esseily manged to make the best pop album for 2012. The album has different styles, and Mahmoud hits all the right notes and adapts his voice to carry a song. Like that track about his best friend who has left us, it's a bittersweet song where the singer put his heart on display. The song is dedicated for the many souls that was murdered during the soccer game late last year.

    And there are the songs made for the homeland, tomorrow will be better. Most songs about Egypt preach the time lesson, Mahmoud keeps them interesting and draws images only a poet is capable of recreating. El-Esseily only takes himself seriously when he has to, his albums reveals a great deal of humor. Like the song about the pharmacy and the Tahrir Square. I know I and a lot of ladies would appreciate his apologetic track about El-Esseily's obsession with blonde hair. He makes it right with the ladies of Egypt.

    I can tell you this, the album is so good that I am certain other pop stars are analyzing it to learn from it. This is how you really make an album, you make it when you are ready to record and when you have something new to perform. Recreating old formulas won't make you special anymore. I know El-Esseily broke the mold and presented a great fusion of musical themes and verbosity that will carve a place for the hip pop star.

    02.Eisha Helwa
    04.Donia Gdeda
    05.Set El Setat
    06.Adeny Baaiesh
    08.Enta Meny
    09.Hankhaf Men Eah
    10.Nazra Fe Eineky
    11.Warak Warak
    14.Mabsout Fe Makanak

    Mahmoud El-Esseily Shayaf 2012 محمود العسيلى شايف

    P.S. for some reason, the album has been removed form YouTube and the clips on there have no sound due to copyrights issues.

    Thursday, October 4, 2012

    Morocco Weclomes International Super Stars, Locks Up Its Own

    Morocco is a funny country, the King is screwing up the country yet many view him as untouchable, because he claims to come from a great lineage. People kiss his hand and his leg seeking blessings form this Royal who seems to be doing a better job in warning his people of the dangers of the alternative.

    While the King is generous and promoter of free speech. Among his guests on this summer music festivals are Lenny Kravitz and Mariah Carey traveled to Marrakesh to perform at the popular music festival. They were kind and thanked King Mohammed VI for having them over. I am certain he used all those money from  programs dedicated to the poor to make rich people even richer.

    But if you are a local celebrity--you do not get to be invited. Such frustration has been expressed by a number of Morocco's finest talents including Hoda Saad who complained about this just last week. But not being invited is not a bad thing, being imprisoned and tortured is not cool.

    WE have written many times about one local rapper who sang On Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death, the forthcoming album from dissident Moroccan rapper El Haqed “the Enraged”—one

    Called “El Habs,” or “Prison,” the song features lyrics that are particularly poignant now that El Haqed—otherwise known as Mouad Belghouat, a 25-year-old Casablanca kid—is serving a one-year jail sentence for a music video and song, “Dogs of the State,” that allegedly insulted Morocco’s infamously corrupt police.‬ The refrain is—like most of El Haqed’s lyrics—a challenge to the authorities.‬

    Such a bogus charge that means so many things and thus, a talented young man is being put behind bars , but the world is taking notice of his struggle. He is not the only one to have it though as earlier this week, the United Nations issued a scathing report on human-rights abuses against dissidents in Morocco. It included accounts of sexual assault perpetrated on men involved in the democracy movement, and other horrific tortures.

    A young lady whose name is Maria Karim, a 32-year-old Moroccan activist who co-produced El Haqed's  album is also in legal trouble for having allegedly insulted the authorities, is working on borrowed time to get El Haqed’s message out to Moroccans and, she hopes, to the world and so far she seems to have done a good job of it. El Haqed is more Moroccan than his prisoners.

    So please, if the King of Morocco gives you a call, skip that conversation! And tell them you will show up when they stop locking up people for singing.

    "Bladi" - Nouveau Track de l'Artiste Marocain Détenu Mouad "El Haked" #FreeHaked #Feb20

    Lupe Fiasco Islam, Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album Pt. 1

    One of America's finest rapper is Lupe Fiasco, born Wasalu Muhammad Jaco was born a Sunni Muslim, Lupe says he fully embraced Islam when his cousin, who had just converted, moved in with the family when he was 13. To me, Lupe is one of the smartest and most informed rappers out there. Rappers are not to be thinkers, not this one.

    But as a rapper his 2006 album shaken the rap industry and presented fresh material. A year later "The Cool" where he was bolder and had a biggest budget. "Lasers" was not as celebrated as the previous work. Socially aware hip hop album and very electronic with some good singles, but as an album it disappointed. The problem is in the entertainment value, most agreed with the ideas and philosophy  but the music left somethings to be desired.  Now comes, "Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album Pt. 1"

    I am reading his interview with Newsweek and I am astonished how informed and how one can have an intelligent conversation with this very talented raper.  

    About the film--or trailer "Innocence of Muslims", the anti-Islam amateur film Lupe walked a fine line “They should fight for the dude’s right to make that movie. Unfortunately, we also live in a world with everyone else. America is not its own planet. You can say whatever you want, but have some class.” He adds, “It’s a provocation, but I think that at the same time, the Muslim world is taking it a little too seriously. If you want to battle and protest against it, this is the opportunity to talk about all the great things the Prophet Muhammad has done and the ways he’s inspired people.” This is true and Lupe said it best. After all he is the guy who had a song called Muhammad Talks.

    “There’s Muslim rage. There’s Christian rage too,” he says. “Truth is supposed to hurt. That shit’s supposed to hurt, it’s not supposed to feel good. If you’re feeling good about something, you should really question that. That’s how I was raised. With Muslim rage, you’ve got a kid who walks into a restaurant with a bomb strapped around his waist, pulls a cord or presses a button, and kills all these innocent people. He’s not killing Christians or Jews, he’s killing other Muslims from a different section of Islam, because they’re Shia and he’s Sunni. He’s 1,400 years removed from the original conflict, so people say, ‘That’s terrible.’ Then you have a plane that drops a five-ton bomb on a school because there are reports that it’s insurgent-based, but they haven’t been thoroughly sorted, and you just dropped a bomb on a school and killed kids. And that guy’s Christian. But you don’t say, ‘Oh, these terrible Christians.’ All you say is, ‘Oh, these misguided intelligence officers. It’s collateral damage. Shit happens.’”

    He continues: “Isn’t that rage, to drop a bomb on somebody? Isn’t it rage to park a tank 50 miles away and shoot rockets into a village? What’s more rage: people burning an effigy of a president that they’re never going to meet, as people chant and throw rocks, and then they go home to their poverty-stricken shanty towns. What’s more rage: that, or dropping a nuclear bomb on somebody? We’re still the only country that’s done that.”

    For More details: Here

    Lupe strikes me as a very loyal person who stays close to his roots not trump on them. He is very vocal about his religion, but he also remembers the great things that come with free speech. Lupe is rapping like he is your favorite history professor. His fourth album Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album Pt. 1 is out.

    Lupe Fiasco - Food & Liquor 2: The Great American Rap Album PT 1 - Available Now

    Ayman El Refaie: When Sexy Prays

    The good looking, and charming singer Ayman El Refaie has a song where he is praying to the good Lord. The handsome almost model look singer who comes from Egypt chose an odd time to release his latest track. It might be that he wants us to know prayer is as good any time and it doe snot have to be limited to the holy month of Ramadan--when most such songs get aired.

    Ayman is a rare breed, he sings, composers and writes his own lyrics too--which gives him an advantage in both the business and the artistic sides. Ayman started his career in 2006 and has already authored two songs that were featured in films--one of whom won him an ward.

    Ayman El Refaie - Khaleiny Adma3 / أيمن الرفاعى - خلينى أدمع